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Accurate Accident Scene Documentation

Trust Heather Kukowski Investigations for accurate accident scene

documentation. We provide detailed photos and diagrams to support your case.

Heather Kukowski Investigations offers accurate accident scene documentation services. Whether you're dealing with a traffic accident, workplace incident, or personal injury cases, our detailed photos and diagrams can provide crucial evidence to support your case.

Our accident scene documentation services are meticulous and thorough. We understand the importance of capturing every detail, and we use our expertise to provide you with the evidence

you need.

Our accident scene documentation process includes:

1. Initial Consultation: We discuss your case and the scope of the accident scene documentation required.

2. Site Visit: We visit the accident scene to take photos and gather information for the diagram.

3. Documentation: We create detailed photos and diagrams of the accident scene.

4. Reporting: We provide you with a comprehensive report, including the photos and diagrams, and any observations or insights we've gathered.

Our accident scene documentation services include:

● Accident Scene Photos: We take detailed photos of the accident scene, capturing all relevant details and evidence.

● Accident Scene Diagrams: We create accurate diagrams of the accident scene, providing a clear visual representation of the incident.

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