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Service of Process

Trust Heather Kukowski Investigations for reliable service of process. From serving subpoenas to delivering legal documents, we ensure your legal process runs smoothly.

At Heather Kukowski Investigations, we offer reliable service of process to

ensure your legal proceedings run smoothly. Whether you need to serve subpoenas, deliver legal documents, or notify individuals of legal actions, we provide prompt and professional service.

Our service of process is thorough and efficient. We understand the importance of timely and proper service of process in legal proceedings, and we work diligently to meet all deadlines and requirements.

Our service of process includes:

1. Initial Consultation: We discuss your needs and the scope of the service of process required.

2. Preparation: We prepare all necessary documents and plan for their delivery.

3. Execution: We carry out the service of process, ensuring all documents are properly served and received.

4. Documentation: We provide you with proof of service and any other necessary documentation.

Our service of process includes:

● Subpoena Service: We ensure subpoenas are properly prepared, served, and documented.

● Legal Document Delivery: We deliver a variety of legal documents, including summons, complaints, and court orders.

● Notification of Legal Actions: We notify individuals of legal actions, ensuring they are aware of their legal obligations and deadlines.

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