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Click the link you are interested in learning more about. If you have any questions about any of our services please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Surveillance Services - Provide you with the information you need.

Background Investigation - Comprehensive background checks.

Insurance Investigation - We specialize in workers compensation cases, Insurance Fraud and more.

Trial Preparation - From locating witnesses to serving subpoenas and records, we prepare everything you need for yourtrial.

People Locates/Skiptracing Services - Find a missing person, a witness, a debtor, or an old friend.

Accident Scene Photos/Diagrams Services - Traffic accident, workplace incident, or personal injury case.

Alive and Well Verifications - For insurance company, a law firm, or a private individual, ourverifications provide the confirmation you need.

Activity Checks - Activity checks can provide valuable insights to support your investigations.

Recorded Statements - Accurate documentation of testimonies, interviews, and more.

AOE/COE Investigations Services - Crucial in workers compensation cases, determining whether an injury or illness occurred while the

employee was performing duties related to their job.

New York City

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